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The Weirdest Literary Conspiracy Theories People Really Believe

Four of the weirdest, strangest literary conspiracy theories broken down and explained, from Shakespeare to Lewis Carroll.

Welcome To Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring your favorite bookish gifts from this past year!

A History of the Cinderella Fairytale

Where does the Cinderella fairy tale come from? The short answer is that we will probably never know. For the long answer, keep reading.

How Books About Dinosaurs Led to Losing my Religion

My relationship to my religion was informed more by schooling than by family. And that's where the trouble started.

How Becoming a Pen Pal Supports Incarcerated Populations

Letter-writing supports incarcerated populations and can help with literacy, interpersonal relationships, and more.

How To Audit Your Reading Life

A deep dive into how to audit your reading life. Discover how to define your reading values and set attainable goals any time of year.

Ode To a Stethoscope: On Medical Poetry

A look at the history of medical poetry, including the peer-reviewed works that appear in some of the top journals for medical professionals.

Holiday Bookmarks to Use This Season (and Next!)

Enjoy all of the celebrations of the season with holiday bookmarks, ranging from holiday lights to menorahs, to cute creatures, and more.

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